Suk̓ʷəm Wellness & Counselling

čɛčɛhaθɛč, gilakas’la, ƛ̓eekoo ƛ̓eekoo (welcome and thank-you)

Suk̓ʷəm (Sukwem) Wellness & Counselling is comprised of two certified Indigenous counsellors, one male and one female practitioner, who provide culturally safe and holistic counselling services within the K’ómoks Valley.

We are available through in-person, online/video, and telephone services.

Suk̓ʷəm means “outer cedar bark”

Cedar is a powerful tool and medicine in our culture. 

When a cedar tree is stripped of its bark without good intention or being respectful of its beauty and whole being, it is left vulnerable to more harm and pain. The tree as a whole is left weak, making it more difficult to heal. 

When a cedar tree is stripped with respect, value, and good intentions then the tree is shown its true beauty and worth as a whole. It is empowered and given the space to heal and grow into a stronger tree. 

Humans are very similar in heart and spirit. If open to the process, we would be honoured to work together to heal and grow that outer shell to create a more empowered you.

Our Philosophy

We humbly acknowledge that you are the expert of your life, not the clinician. Our role as a clinician is to help support and guide the process of healing with you to create meaningful change.

With that, we use our own cultural teachings along with our post-secondary knowledge to provide a safe, friendly, and un-biased space to build a strong therapeutic relationship. We incorporate Indigenous holistic and grounding techniques with some westernized aspects of wellness to find the best therapy practice for you.

We accept Extended Health Benefits and are Approved with:

  • First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Mental Health Provider
  • Contact for more providers
  • BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

The K’ómoks Nation, ʔayʔaǰuθəms and Kwak̓wala speaking peoples, welcomes you to our unceded traditional lands

where we all get to live, work, and play in an abundance of wealth.